Founders Gale and Kay Maiden were born in Smyth County, Virginia. Gale and Kay have been married since 1969 and have two beautiful daughters, two handsome son-in-laws and two beautiful grand-daughters. Until 2002 Gale and Kay lived in Washington County, Virginia near the town of Abingdon. Kay’s church background is basically with the United Methodist Church mingled with a season in the Baptist Church. Gale’s church background is in the Presbyterian Church and in latter years for a short time also in the Methodist Church.

In 1985, Gale had a radical restoration into the Kingdom of God. For years Gale had shunned the calling of God upon his life. At this time God successfully convinced Gale that he was God’s property thanks to the prayers of Gale’s family and many others. In 1987, the Holy Spirit spoke to Gale to begin a church near our home in Virginia. This endeavor at such an early stage of maturity was needless to say quite a learning experience. God honored Gale and Kay’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of others who were partners, with a revival which forever changed the atmosphere in that area. Gale and Kay’s firstborn daughter was healed of Asthma during this revival. Multitudes were healed, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit during this nineteen day revival. Also a vision given to Gale just prior to this revival declaring God’s desire for the restoration of the local town unto the Kingdom of God is actually very much in motion in 2005.

In 1990-91 the Holy Spirit gave Gale a vision for a city of refuge and training center. While attending a local high-school football game, inspired by God and the number of fans in attendance, Gale asked the Lord for a thousand people to impact the region. God birthed in Gale and Kay’s heart a gathering called Church of New Beginnings – City of Refuge. God immediately began to lead Gale and Kay to the chosen property and placed in their hearts the plans to facilitate God’s desire for Church of New Beginnings. The foundation of Jesus the Christ has been laid at Church of New Beginnings and the Church continues to grow towards the fulfilling of the vision. God has and continues to confirm His vision for the Church of New Beginnings.

In 1996, The Holy Spirit spoke to Gale and Kay to release the Church of New Beginnings to those whom God had sent to fulfill the new leadership role. Gale and Kay did not hear unfortunately until two years later and left in 1998. This two year “overstay” needless to say was a tremendous time of testing. Gale and Kay’s true relationships with God and the flock became very evident at that time. The areas of Gale and Kay’s hearts which needed a touch from God were exposed and healed. It was a season in which Gale and Kay experienced the power of repentance unto salvation. God has totally restored His love and again knitted the hearts of Gale and Kay with the Church of New Beginnings. God’s chosen name for the Church continues to bear witness of new beginnings in the lives of many.

Gale, while in prayer in 1996, had a vision in which the Lord showed him the mountains of Western North Carolina sloping eastward to the place where the mountains begin i.e. the foothills. The beginning of the essence of this vision was revealed when in the spring of 2000, Gale and Kay traveled to a Morningstar Ministries prophetic conference in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The sign along the highway which welcomes those entering into Wilkesboro, North Carolina also has written, “Where the mountains begin” following the welcome.

Gale and Kay began to understand that God was calling them to Wilkes County, North Carolina. After fifty-five years in Virginia Gale and Kay have built a beautiful home and now live in Moravian Falls, Wilkes County, North Carolina. From 2000 until present, Gale and Kay have ministered and have been ministered to in love, building relationships and confirming their move to Moravian Falls, North Carolina.

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